Wealth of our consulting practical experience with small and medium for-profit and non-profit corporations across Canada was diarized into a series of courses. Whether you are a sole proprietor, run a non-profit or for-profit corporation, our courses offer practical professional development in the key areas of business leadership, organizational management, and growth using the latest industry innovations.

Instruction Mode

All classes in this course are delivered in the format of instructor-facilitated live online courses, scheduled for specific dates. Courses include live video- conferencing sessions split into theory and practical application, followed by independent completion of assignments. For practical application of knowledge, interactive methods such as a small group discussion, large group discussion, individual in-class work with subsequent discussion in pairs, group work presentations, and role plays will be utilized.

Evaluation and Learning

Students will receive certificates of completion followed by 95% attendance, key homework assignments, and performance in class.

Number of Participants

Class instruction is delivered individually or in small group format, not exceeding 10 participants per session. 

Fees & Duration

Our course duration varies from 12 to 24 hours. You can mix and match courses. Each course consists of 4 to 8 class modules, three-hour long each. Please, see the fees for each course under each individual course.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Get 2/3 of your training costs covered, up to $10K per employee per fiscal year. If you hire an unemployed Albertan, up to 100 percent of training costs could be covered.

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Can be reimbursed for the training

  • All private and not-for-profit sector employers in Alberta
  • New or existing employees that will fill current or future job vacancies
  • Business owners (incorporated, unincorporated, sole-proprietor, partnerships) with four or fewer employees, including all owners
  • Employed family members of eligible employers
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents


You can be reimbursed for

  • Tuition fees or instructional fees
  • Mandatory student fees
  • Examination fees
  • Textbooks, software and other required materials


Kind of training you can take

  • Take 21-hour minimum course hours taken within 52 weeks from application approval.
  • Any topic which improves your employment and/or business performance


Temporarily, business owners and their family members are eligible until February 28, 2022. Employees are always eligible, after February 28, 2022 as well.

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Please, look through currently available training courses. You can combine several courses for the total number of training to be equal or over 21 hoursto qualify for the CAJG. You can mix and match courses. Each individual class is three hours long, and costs 500 CAD.

Leadership in Business

To succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment you need to have sound business sense and a set of practical tools. In this training course you will identify your personal trigger points, understand what really matters to you with consideration of your passion and unique strengths, while being introduced to a variety of practical tools for successful business development and management.

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: 2,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

Module 1. You as a Business Owner (3 hours)

Understand your personality from a business standpoint. Identify your strength and weaknesses as a business owner and a leader to make smart strategic decisions for running and growing of your business. Examine your passions and sources of fear to learn how to balance between them in the most efficient way while keeping your eyes on the target.

Module 2. Balancing Business Ownership and Personal Life (3 hours)

Running a business is a thorny pass and requires resilience as you are leveraging your way through. Learn to find your balance between different parts of your life to avoid burning out, stay energized and inspired. Be introduced to a set of tools and practices to mind your wellbeing while keeping your productivity and overall performance on a high level.

Module 3. Identifying Your Business Vision/Mission and SMART Goals (3 hours)

Learn to transfer your passions and fears into key drivers of your business. Through a set of comprehensive exercises refine your vision and identify overarching purpose of the business’s activity. Develop SMART goals for your business with step-by-step vision on how to achieve them and acquire practical tools to measure your success and efficiency. 

Module 4. Prioritization and Action Planning (3 hours)

Clearly understand your business priorities with consideration of the set of variables in the specific environment your business is operating. Learn to convert your priorities into consecutive plan of actions that are specific and time bound. Develop higher vision for your business growth to be able to navigate in the right direction.

Authentic Sales

What are authentic sales? Do you believe that sales process is challenging? Do you struggle with offering your service or product? This course will uncover how to sell without being superficial by digging into the customer psychology and the sales process? This course will teach you customer segmentation and prospecting, connecting with sales prospects, sales pitch and closing, and building a toolkit for your sales process.

Duration: 15 hours

Cost: 2,500 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

Module 1. Your Customer and Your Service/Product

Learn how to identify your sales goals depending on the product and persona. Learn all the problems and unpack all solutions from the perspective of a buyer. This is what will enable you to prepare your pitch or story.

Module 2. Customer Journey and Sales Process: Points of Contact

When you understand the process of sales including your sales funnel and potential points of contacts you can identify the best time and way of contacting customers. Learn how to apply value-based selling with the goal of helping your customers authentically and growing your business through sales.

Module 3. Prospecting Tools

Identify the best ways of prospecting clients. Learn specific tools of social selling, both in-person and online. Learn using digital channels of sales correctly. With the wealth of social media identify your platform and tools which bring the best results to prospect more customers.

Module 4. Lead Qualification Tools

Learn the next step in the sales process to move you forward, and to not waste money on the leads which are not your potential clients. This course will teach you how to ask the right questions depending on the sales criteria.

Module 5. Deal Closing tools

Congratulations, you are at the last stage of the sales cycle. It is time for your offer to be accepted. What are some of the tools you need to know to close the sale? How to write the proposal and how to negotiate the pricing will be followed by follow-ups and even testimonials in the first days of service. It is a sales cycle, so the closing should be the beginning of your relationship with your customer and the nest potential sales.

Multiracial group of young creative people in smart casual wear discussing business shaking hands together and smiling while standing in modern office. Partner cooperation, coworker teamwork concept.

Customer Service Fundamentals

Acquire strategies and step-by-step instruction to achieve customer service excellence. Discover what your customers want and need from you and take action to ensure these needs are met. Explore methods for dealing with challenging customers while maintaining composure.

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: 2,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

Module 1: First Impression

Understanding customers’ buying motives to assure your offer fully meets their needs and exceeds them. Acquire techniques for building building lasting relationships and trust. Learn to keep calm and radiate compassion and positivity, even when it comes to encounters with upset customers. 

Module 2. How to Identify Your Cycle of Service and How Best to Handle it

Get clarity around understanding of the value of the service or product you offer and how it meets your client’s needs. Learn where the cycle of your service really begins and ends, identify where and how it repeats itself. Identify where you fit in the cycle of service and what added value you bring.  Understand why follow up is crucial for building successful customer relationship and how to handle it smart.

Module 3: How to Please the Hard to Please Customer

Discover the know-how for impactful customer relationship building to build trust and increase sales. Learn why prospects are hard to please and efficient techniques for turning them into loyal customers. Discover the keys to listening and get deeper understanding of why it is important. Review specific case scenarios and get practical experience in finding right solutions.

Module 4. How to Prepare and Plan for Continuous Improvement

Get full exposure to customer service fundamentals through a deep dive on marketing data collection and analysis. Identify tools for gathering data and conducting surveys, explore possibilities of modern Customer Relationship Management Systems. Learn to use collected data to develop a plan for continuous improvement and lasting business success.


Financial Fundamentals

This course is designed for small business owners looking to get an understanding of financial management fundamentals.

Learn about key financial documents to be reviewed and analyzed to make smart financial business decisions. In the course of the training you will understand how your financials tell your business story. You will gain understanding and practical knowledge to navigate through the following financial reporting: Profit & Loss Statement; Balance Sheet; Sales Forecast/Assumptions; Cashflow Forecast. You will also be trained on the types of funding and investing that exists and what is appropriate for your business and to prepare for each specific type of investments.

Duration: 18 hours

Cost: 3,000 CAD

Instructor: Irina Glazounova

Module 1: What is Financial Management? (3 hours)

Understand key principles of financial management to assure smooth implementation of your business plan. Get practical understanding of financial planning and budgeting is small business environment, also learning how to assess your risks and how to plan for them. Learn to evaluate how to use your profits for growth and development.

Module 2: Balance Sheet; Profit & Loss Analysis (3 hours)

Cut through the weeds of accounting reporting and learn to manage your finances more effectively. You will be trained to interpret, evaluate and analyze financial statements to make smart executive decisions. Discover how to use your balance sheets and income statement to assess the performance of a business and to implement profit and loss analysis.

Module 3: Sales Forecast (3 hours)

Understand the important role of sales forecasting in business management and how it is linked with your operations, cash flow and overall business growth. Discover how to make a sales forecast and what are the integral parts of this exercise. Learn the differences between doing sales forecast for existing business vs. new business.

Module 4: Cashflow Forecast (3 hours)

You will be trained to implement cashflow forecast for your business and refine your understanding of how your cashflow will be distributed within a specific time period. You will further learn to use this knowledge to make informed decisions and to understand respective boundaries and opportunities within your business process.  Gain a range of simple cashflow forecasting solutions, all of which aim to support your business in the right decisions based on the right data.

Module 5: Actual Cashflow & Financial Reviews(3 hours)

Understand how to review your results and what they tell about your business performance in general. Discover what can be revealed through comparative analysis of the actual cashflow against cashflow forecast and how to use this knowledge for your future goals. Learn the correlation between your cashflow statement and its impact on overall financial review of your business.

Module 6: Financial Capitaland Business Valuation (3 hours)

Expand your proficiency by improved understanding of the components of your capital and learning how to evaluateeach of them. Establish business valuation and reformulate financial statements. Discover how to determine how much a business is worth by analyzing relative valuation and fundamental valuation and forecasting financial statements.

Marketing and Communication

Be introduced to contemporary marketing and strategic communication fundamentals. Examine key principles and concepts and understand emerging tools and trends. Investigate the evolving role of today’s marketing professional. Topics include marketing strategy, customer experience, digital media, content marketing, and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

Duration: 24 hours

Cost: 4,000 CAD

Instructor: Dmitriy Kuleshov

Module 1: Define Your Marketing Strategy (3 hours)

Analyze how your customers view your product and use this knowledge to define your marketing strategy. Develop strategic vision to create effective content for various communication channels.  Discover techniques to promote brand awareness and build loyal customer communities through appealing content.

Module 2: Target Audience and Customer Profile (3 hours)

Explore modern tools and techniques to create a profile of your ideal customer. Get deeper understanding of the correlation between knowing your audience and crafting more targeted content and traffic campaigns, allowing you to save time and money and ultimately increase sales and conversions.

Module 3: Marketing Channels – Digital Marketing (3 hours)

Learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing, including a deep dive on most popular digital marketing channels (SEO, Google Analytics, SMM, email marketing, etc.)to identify the most suitable options for your business. By the end of this course, you will be confidently implementing digital marketing strategies across major online marketing channels.

Module 4: Marketing Channels – Offline Channels (3 hours)

In the age of digital technologies, we still should not underestimate the power of a humble billboard or positive word of mouth. You will learn how offline marketing channels may help you reach audience demographics who don’t engage with online channels and how to persuade your customers to share engaging content with friends, family and even strangers.

Module 5: Social Media Management – Part 1 (3 hours)

Examine the role of social media in business and discover its power to build fruitful relationships with your customers. Enhance your digital marketing understanding and skills to help your businesses grow. Learn to build customized toolkit for your business with impactful social media campaigns, SEO, web design, and other tactics.

Module 6: Social Media Management – Part 2 (3 hours)

Explore how data metrics, integrated in all the social media marketing channels, can be used for analysis and reporting to optimize your marketing campaigns. Apply learned concepts to develop effective marketing strategies and targeted content planning. Get hands on experience with major social media marketing channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

Module 7: Email marketing (3 hours)

Learn to write engaging emails. Master the fundamentals of email marketing while getting exposed to the latest tools for designing strategic emails to acquire and retain your customers. Understand how to source emails through search engines and social media platforms to expand your target audience.

Module 8: Advertisement tools – Organic and Paid (3 hours)

Discover most impactful ways to target your audience, assuring your marketing campaign is fully inline with your customer’s expectations and exceeds them. Understand the difference between organic marketing vs paid marketing and discover the must-knows when it comes to Google AdWords in launching digital marketing campaigns.

Business Operations

This course allows to examine the feasibility of your business and refine your business canvas. It provides for enhanced understanding of the nature and role of operations in a firm, and the strategic importance of operations to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. More specifically, the course will examine operations strategy; quality management; product and service design; process and facilities planning, analysis and reengineering; human resources in operations management; materials management, supply chain management, etc.

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: 2,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

Module 1: Quality Management – Your Product and Services (3 hours)

Get clear understanding of all your business undertakings to make sure products and services are produced and delivered consistently, fully according to specifications, at the appropriate cost, and in line with customer expectations, if not exceeding them. Revisit key components of quality management to be able to audit your business against them and to make necessary adjustments for quality assurance and improvement. 

Module 2: Leadership and Team Building (3hours)

Understand significance of your role as a leader and discover how to succeed in this role given your type of personality. Identify key values and personalities to look for when building a team for your business. Learn how to build trust within the team and how to keep team members motivated. You will also be exposed to policies and procedures that have to be introduced for successful operation of your team and effective relationship management both within the team and with customers.

Module 3: Operational Processes and IT technologies (3 hours)

Identify key operational processes that encompass day-to-day activities of any company and learn how they can be improved. Discover available tools and technologies to facilitate and monitor business operations processes to assure greater agility of the business, enabling easier adaptation to potential market change.

Module 4. Process Optimization & Automation (3 hours)

Develop your skills and knowledge to analyze and improve organizational processes, and work to boost quality, productivity and efficiency. Explore a variety of skills and modern IT technologies (CRM, Project Management…)  related to delivering services and manufacturing products, inventory management, production planning, supply chain management, marketing, etc.


Theory of Change

What results are you seeking? What difference do you want to make? A theory of change is a popular tool used to help you plan and communicate what you do and to support your monitoring and evaluation. In this course, you will learn about and create your own theory of change and narrative. The tool will help you articulate and connect the changes (outcomes) your organisation wants to make with the activities you intend to carry out. This course will challenge you to think critically about what you are doing and why.

This course is for anyone involved in running organisations, programmes, projects or campaigns who wants to better understand and articulate the work they do.  Attendees of this course are often responsible for internal monitoring and evaluation, strategy development, communications, or reporting on the value of their organisation’s work.

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: 2,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

Project Management

Are you a project manager with little formal training? Or would you like to consolidate your existing skills and develop a more robust approach to managing your projects? It’s designed to give you all the principles and practical tools you need to plan, deliver and evaluate your project successfully.

This course is designed for new and existing project and programme managers who want to gain new tools and techniques help them successfully manage their projects

Duration: 18 hours/3 days

Cost: 3,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova


Outcomes and Impact Measurement

Being clear on your outcomes and impact can help you plan, manage and improve your work, making the biggest difference you can for your beneficiaries. On this course, you’ll learn how to create an evaluation plan that will enable you to understand and demonstrate the difference your work makes. The course also includes a brief introduction to ways to collect data. If you want to learn how to effectively monitor and evaluate the work you do and the difference it makes, this course is for you.

We recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn more about monitoring and evaluation. It’s particularly useful if you are new to outcome and impact measurement, responsible for managing and reporting to funders and donors, or are in the planning stages of a project or service.

Duration: 12 hours/2 days

Cost: 2,000 CAD

Instructor: Zulfira Pulotova

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