Our Vision

Our vision is that excelling organizations and individuals will find solutions for better outcomes leading to sustainable impact – economic, social, and environmental.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect ideas, knowledge, projects, and people, both locally and globally, in the areas of social impact and entrepreneurial development to build and develop excelling organizations.

Our Team

Zulfira Pulotova

Zulfira Pulotova

Founder, CEO, Principal Trainer & Consultant

Zulfira Pulotova was able to bring her education, skills and experience from diverse sectors, countries, and disciplines of over 15 years to take a lead and reinvent herself as a business owner of the management consulting and training company established three years ago.

Prior to founding Connect L&G Zulfira Pulotova had over fifteen years of research, evaluation, program management, and capacity development experience locally and globally. Zulfira worked on designing and successfully implementing programs, designing and providing numerous trainings, managing monitoring and evaluation systems in the organizations of Canada and USA, as well as in the International Development field having served International NGOs including United Nations. She received professional certificates as a Trainer utilizing participatory methods in her instructional design methods and facilitation.

Zulfira provided training and consulting both to non-profits and small businesses in Calgary, Alberta. Her courses are highly interactive, even when they are provided online. She uses many case studies from her consulting repertoire in her instruction. Strategy, Authentic Sales, Business Leadership and Customer Service are the topics she teaches for business owners and their employees. She also teaches Impact Management related courses for social purpose organizations, both non-profit and for-profit.

Zulfira holds Master’s in Public Administration and Master of Social Work as well as Business Consultant Certificate from USA.As a lifelong learner she is currently enrolled at E-Cornell Women Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Zulfira enjoys her free time with three sons, her husband and a dog either cooking various ethnic cuisine or enjoying outdoors. You can also find her in a company of peer women leaders and talented artists for various community events.

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Mila Herspiegel

Training and Event Coordinator

Mila is an accomplished administrative professional with experience in various sectors from Real Estate to hospitality (at Banff Centre) to E-commerce platform supporting entrepreneurs (at Shopify). She is passionate and enthusiastic about customer support. 

She will go an extra mile for clients and take the time to ensure all our stakeholders, clients, and speakers feel heard, valued, and supported.

Mila is experienced to deal with people of different cultural backgrounds in professional settings. She practices empathy and understanding when dealing with the requests. Mila is a super performer, when it comes to both logistics and people support during our training courses.

She is a community builder, and supports Ethnic dance groups where she performs herself along with her daughters.

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Dmitriy Kuleshov

Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant

Dmitriy Kuleshov is a full-stack digital marketing specialist with over 7 years of international experience helping small to medium-sized businesses find their path in a crowded digital space. 

As a Marketer, he has developed specialist skills in marketing strategy and planning, advertising, eCommerce, data analytics and everything that comes to enhancing the digital customer experience.

His expertise is built on thorough educational and practical background, having received three degrees in Journalism, PR from University of Calgary and MSc Digital Marketing alongside a Digital Marketing designation from The Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) based in London, and his clientele counts business in Canada, UK and CIS across IT, construction, finance and arts/culture industries. It is his priority to deliver results to the businesses, not promises. During the training Dmitriy teaches business owners and/or the employees responsible for marketing and communications in the organization to understand important concepts and apply them to their workplace.

For fun, Dmitriy is an avid sports aficionado, who can be often found training for his triathlon races or preparing for mountaineering expeditions around the world.

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Irina Glazounova

Financial Management Trainer & Consultant

Irina has more than ten years of experience in bookkeeping and Tax preparation services and has a Professional Designation of a Distinguished Financial Advisor – Tax Services Specialist. 

She provides Bookkeeping, Payroll, Personal Tax Preparation and Corporate Tax Preparation services to her clients in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Irina’s clients are representatives of different businesses such as e-commerce stores, beauty salons, restaurants, and retail.

Irina’s goal is to teach you what story your numbers are telling, how to make informed decisions, and how to use your financial management skills in growing your business.

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